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    (rose quartz - amethyst - clear quartz)

    This well-balanced composition has already been used for several hundreds of years to inspirit water by countless people all around the world. Experts claim that amethyst stimulates the mind and soothes emotions. Rose quartz fosters tranquility and harmony. Clear Quartz is a stone for clarity and perception. As a combination, they’re used for their wonderfully invigorating effect. GemWater prepared with this harmonic blend is the best “everyday water”. Most customers find it to taste smooth and mild. If you're unsure, with which VitaJuwel blend to start your collection, choose this one.

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    My juwels

    <p>Stunningly beautiful. My Wellness crystal glass is just amazing. My water is crystal clear, and refreshingly crisp. Then the calming, energy from my crystals adds beautiful health energy. I will be shopping!</p>