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    GranFontana Set - Fitness

    (incl. extra large gem wand with red jasper - magnesite - clear quartz, 1-gallon-decanter, lid,  stand)

    Create your own spa oasis with our GranFontana gemwater dispenser! SPA stands for Sanus Per Aquam, meaning "Health through water". Unlike any other water dispenser, our GranFontana is an exclusive symbol for that phrase. Guests in thousands of luxury hotels, spas, salons restaurants, offices and galleries are helping themselves with gemwater at the GranFontana fountain in a classy way. With its 5-lt. (1.3 gl.) - capacity and the stainless steel faucet, the GranFontana is also suited brilliantly to draft gemwater for the whole family at home .

    Please be aware that the depicted drinking glasses  are sold separately and are not part of the GranFontana set.