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Display for 3 VitaJuwels
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Display for 3 VitaJuwel gemstone wandsDon't leave your collection of VitaJuwel gemstone wands in the box. They love to be out in the sun and be adored by your guests. This glass display is the perfect way to showcase your precious GEMWATER JEWELRY! Please be aware that the depicted VitaJuwel gemstone wands are sold separately and are not part of the display.

Book "Gem Water"
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Book: "Gem Water" A Practice Manual about Gemstone Water100 Crystals in Effect and UseSardonyx water to treat tinnitus, chrysoprase water for detoxication and purification, emerald water against infection, aquamarine water against allergies… The list of gemstone waters that are successfully used to treat discomforts and diseases is long and continuously growing! While the external use, wear, and application of healing crystals dominated the method of crystal healing for a long time,...